Tuesday, 11 July 2017


       In our lifetime we meet many people. Not everybody stays with us forever. They may come for few days, few months or few years and very few stay till we live. There is a purpose behind each and every person we meet. Everyone comes in our life to teach a new lesson or reinforce an old learning. People come for a reason and leave when their part is over. We can say that people are like messengers of God. God chooses normal people to guide others, to help others, to make a difference in other persons lives. We all believe in God to some extent. At-least we reach out to him in case of crisis. I feel our belief in God is based on our experiences. I feel God is a best creator, may be not a good manager but definitely a good friend. We chalk out the plan for ourselves by our thoughts and actions. We create our destiny knowingly or unknowingly. God guides us through different channels but the plan is ours. If we ask God for patience, he gives us situations. He doesn't spoon feed us but gives us experiences to learn and draw our own conclusions. He makes all of us messengers for someone else at some point of time in our lives.

Its not important who came in your life or who left; what is more important is did you grow because of them?

  We get hooked on to people and forget that life is about growing. If we are not growing, we are not living; we are just existing. We should not get depressed when we lose somebody because of breakups, divorce or death. Their part was over, let them go. Life becomes much simpler this way. Nobody makes you complete or incomplete. It's just our attachments which don't allow us to see beyond.

       I feel any person who touches your soul and teaches you something is a Messenger. I met 5 messengers of God who changed my life, taught me the greatest lessons of life, made me a completely different person. One messenger of God was harsh but he made me the strongest. I hated him a lot for many years but today I am thankful to him. Life has been a roller coaster ride for me like everyone. After so many ups and downs, I used to think about doing something big. But I was not sure how. I am still not clear 😊 I wanted to show my gratitude towards those 3 messengers who helped me to be positive and see the brighter side. I also wanted to tell the harsh messenger that I have grown a lot in life. I constantly dreamed about being interviewed and about mentioning the names of all the people who helped me grow. In few months of time, I got busy with my job and completely forgot about this dream. One fine day, I got a call from an NGO I work for, to help a reporter complete his thesis. It didn't strike me still. When I met the reporter, he interviewed me and listened to my entire story. Then I realized God sent his 5th messenger to fulfill my earnest desire. Reporter not just fulfilled my dream but also gave me a different perspective towards life through his questions. As he has spoken to thousands of people, he was able to give me a broader insight about how people deal with their difficult situations. We all know that responses for the same situation change from person to person.

  God sends his messengers to guide you. Some messengers are sweet, some are harsh but they all have a goal - to make you grow. Acknowledge the messenger and be receptive. Harsher the situation or the messenger, better you grow. Nothing goes waste.

       Probably, I am a messenger for you right now 😊

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