Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Friends you must have heard the phrase "Accept and Move on" and would be wondering if its really possible. Lets try to understand "What is Acceptance?" As per the definition its the "willingness to recognize the flaws in oneself & willingness to tolerate a difficult situation" and only then one can focus on his/her strengths. I feel acceptance also means seeing things the way they are and getting in touch with reality, even if the reality is hard to accept. 

To keep moving in life, we need to accept our flaws and also the difficult people and situations in our life. Once we have completely accepted them and made peace then they don't bother us. To make it more simple, lets look at the story of Mr.Ramaswamy (name changed). 

Rama was an average person with more inclination towards music and wanted to make music as his career. He had a very strict mother. She believed that he was good for nothing as he completed his studies with great difficulty. She used to only find mistakes in him. Rama's self esteem was very low. However, he used to be at cloud 9 during his singing sessions. He needed his mothers support and wanted her to understand his choices. Everyday he had to listen to her demotivating words and used to further lose confidence in himself. This went on for a year. In this year he was not able to progress much in life. 

One day he got a chance to be part of a big musical night. One band wanted him to be part of their group. With reluctance he said yes. On the day of the event, he was very anxious. However, as the event progressed, he got more and more confidence. Constant applause from the crowd, encouraged him to perform his best. He realized music is his life and he does not need anyone's approval to pursue it. He accepted that his mother may not be able to believe in him until he reaches a milestone. He decided to move on and forget about what she thinks about him. He never looked back. Kept on working hard and never bothered about her opinions. Just in an year's time, he emerged as successful singer.

Friends, 'What cannot be changed has to be accepted!' Accept with a positive mindset, leave the negativity behind and move on. See your weakness as a strength and believe in yourself. You will surely see the difference. 

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